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We are [Freedom Fighters], a gaming team who play Firearms - a popular Half-Life 1 mod.

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May 2020 A complete modern Firearms bundle has been made using free HL-compatible engine. This is called Firearms 3X and allows anybody to play FA with no additional requirements. Check out the downloads section!
April 2020 All FF videos and releases are finalized and uploaded. Hope people will enjoy them!
March 2020 FF files archive was found on the backup DVD. Then a decision was made to revive the website and publish all their work.
For sake of remembering old good times, and in memory of T-800 - a good friend and FF team leader, who has passed away in result of traffic accident in 2015.
Later in 2005 Gaming activities are slowed down as everyone now are more into personal life. Thus, there is a feeling of farewell...
9 May 2005Downloads update. Check out patched bots!
3 May 2005Last batch of in-game demos recorded. Look forward for the completed videos!
11 Nov 2004Another set of LAN party demos are recorded. Stay tuned!
1 Nov 2004Downloads update. A newer FACS version now available.
31 Oct 2004Homepage menu bug fixed
28 Oct 2004At last, our homepage is finished and hosted!
23 Oct 2004New set of demos recorded
22 Jun 2004We've started to record LAN party demos to eventually compile a cool in-game video!