Firearms 3X Download
Fa3x This bundle allows to play Firearms with no need of having original Half Life. Based on Xash3D FWGS - an alternative opensource engine implementation. It has no relation to WON or Steam - just install and play!

Dedicated server container is available as well.

BHD SoundPack for Firearms by T-800 Download
Bhd We've tried to do our best to boost Firearms game process dynamics. And hopefully, we have a success :)
The following in-game sounds were changed:
  • All speech, certainly, in Russian language
  • More realistic footsteps
  • Voice warning when using artillery
  • The semantic load of radio commands and speech is improved
  • The sounds of shots and explosions are improved
  • Applying large damage to the player is highlighted by a scream
  • Environment sounds are replaced

Firearms player guide Download
An official FA manual restored from the archives and compiled into a single PDF document. Covers every aspect of the game!

Metroid's reskinned guns Download
A subset of standard FA weapon models freshened with some art related to favourite computer games and music bands.

Player models Download
A collection of 5 alternate player model sets for both red and blue team.

Additional maps Download
A collection of cool additional maps for Firearms which we have collected over time.
Map list: UB61, Sandblast, Woods, Street Wars, Great Outdoors, Desert Crisis, Night Stalkers, The Long Street, Danger Zone, Invasion, Sand, RIVERWALK, RushHour, VIETNAM_SM

Detailed ammo box Download
A well-detailed ammo box model with 3D ammo inside and much better textures.

MarineBot 0.82b patched for FA 3.0 Download
We have patched MarineBot 0.82b to work with Firearms RC 3.0. This is just a workaround until a new MB version comes out.

Marinebot 0.8b for FA 2.9 Download
MarineBot 0.80 proven to work with Firearms 2.9

FireArms Config Switcher (FACS) v1.2 by Metroid Download
FACS is designed for quick-changing to your favourite Firearms configuration file. This comes very handy when a bunch of people who are preffering different controls/settings plays FA on a shared computer, like in a cybercafe.

Firearms 3.0 Installer Download
Official Firearms 3.0 RC mod installer. You should already have Half-Life installed on your PC to play Firearms.

Firearms 2.9 full installer by Metroid Download
A full-featured Firearms 2.9 package including Half-Life engine version, few additional maps and models. The official FA29 patch from 18.06.2004 is applied as well.
Multiplayer is configured to Alkar Teleport server by default.

Find more stuff in the ModDB Firearms section!