Team members

---===[ T-800 ]===---
Fav FA weapon:G3A3, Government Colt 1911A1, M16A2
FA Specialization:Team Leader, Assault, Cover Operation, crazy rush
Music:Rammstein, Lost Prophets, Fear Factory (What will become, Terminate), System of a Down (Roulette, Aerials), Puff Daddy (I'll be missing you), Kane, Andy Hunter, Nightwish, Static-X, The Chrystal Method, Darude, best of Oomph!, soundtracks from "Terminator 1,2", "Black Hawk Down" and more...
Movies:All Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Black Hawk Down, Die hard 1,2,3, Rocky, Jackal, Tires of the Sun, Мы были солдатами, etc.
Pets:Phobos the dog (Mastino-Napoletano), Senya the cat, Pasha the parrot
Hobby:Punching Steele's head, football, surfing the net, computers, drinking with friends
---===[ Steele ]===---
Fav FA weapon:AK-74, G36E, G3A3, MP5A4
FA Specialization:Medic
Pets:Sam the dog
---===[ Metroid ]===---
Fav FA weapon:M-1911A1, AK-74, FA-MAS, G3A3, M14, M16A2, M79
FA Specialization:Assault, Artillery
Birthday:May 1986
Music:Rammstein, Static-X, Fear Factory, Metallica, Slipknot, Arch Enemy, BFMV, Killswitch Engage, System of a Down
Movies:Resident Evil, Ghost Ship, Tomb Raider, xXx, Batman Begins, Sin City, Saw, Spider-Man
Pets:Lara the cat
---===[ Chikatilo ]===---
Fav FA weapon:AK-47, Anaconda, M79
FA Specialization:Medic
Music:Various styles and genres, it all depends on mood
Movies:Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstate 60, Сибирский цирюльник
---===[ SWIFT ]===---
Fav FA weapon:AK-47, G3A3, M16A2, M79, MP5A4, Remington M870
FA Specialization:Assault
Music:Rhythmic background
---===[ Franky ]===---
Birthday:Oct 1987

Trial members: